Patient Stories

Patient Stories

“After having back surgery last February, I was still in great pain. When my therapist at Bluegrass Outpatient Center evaluated me, she recommended Aquatic Therapy since my muscles were very stiff. My pain had been extreme for a few years. Doing my exercises in water allowed my body to move more easily and took stress off my back. My therapist demonstrated great knowledge, compassion and attentiveness during each of my sessions. Because of the skill, competency and dedication of my therapist, I am now pain-free! Thanks to Bluegrass Outpatient Center and their professional staff and, especially to my special aquatic therapist. I love my therapist!”

-Dave Steffey

“After experiencing 2+ years of pain and seeking help from five doctors, I was referred to Just For Women Physical Therapy & Wellness Clinic. I could barely make the walk from the parking lot to the office. I was greeted by wonderful staff and taken immediately to my physical therapist, who is a women’s health PT specialist. She listened to every word I said, had read the report from the doctors and had a plan of attack. Within three months, there was a great reduction in my pain and improvement in my life. At my last appointment (five months since I started), I was able to walk up the stairs with very little pain. My therapist’s knowledge and understanding of the source of my problem and her treatment to alleviate my pain has given me my life back. And, as an added bonus, the staff is wonderful, caring and knowledgeable in dealing with complicated insurance claims and issues.”

-Diane Crawley
Russellville, KY

“I came to Bluegrass Outpatient Center for low back pain and Piriformis Syndrome. In just a few sessions, my therapist accomplished more with her dry needling alone than weeks of manual massage had done before. I am well on my way to returning to a more normal life. Bluegrass is special because there is a cohesiveness among the clinicians and clerical staff. The office staff is wonderful. I cannot say enough about how great Bluegrass Outpatient Center is and how they treated me as a patient.”

-Polly Moore